Lavender Fields

Hey loves,

In this post we will go around the world to discover the most gorgeous countries for lavender fields.


One of the most famous place for lavender fields is of course Provence in Southern of France.

“Chemin de Lavandes” is a 5.5 km hiking loop in the lavender fields.

There are also large cluster of lavender fields perfectly framed between the villages of Luberon, at the midway point between Gordes, Lacoste & Bonnieux. One is very distinctive with a beautiful large stone mas which beaks up the astonishing purple.  

The Valensole Plateau, an 800 square km field located an hour north of Aix- en – Provence is one of the most popular Lavender fields in France totally dedicated to growing lavenders.

The lavender is blooming in July.

“The Valensole Plateau” – France


Bulgaria is one of the largest lavender producer. All lavender fields in Bulgaria are free to visit. The best time to discover them is between June & July. There is a lavender festival at the end of June.



The world famous island of Hvar in Croatia where lavender is grown all over it.

Hvar is responsible for 8% of the world’s lavender oil production.

You can find lavender sachets, oils, even lavender ice cream,…. It makes me wanna go right now to Hvar!

There is an annual lavender festival in late June.

Hvar – Croatia


Nova Scotia in River John is the best place to visit in Canada to see lavender fields especially “Seafom Lavender Garden”.

The scene is just sublime with rolling hills & a small gazing pond & lavender all around.

The farm shop at the property offers a variety of handmade lavender gifts from skincare to culinary & you can even get your own lavender plant to bring home.

There is a Lavender Festival traditionally held in July.

“Seafom Lavender Garden” – Canada


“Ogród Pełen Lawendy” lavender fields in the village of Ostrow in Poland are one of the most beautiful in the world.

The soft colors of blue, green & lavender & the soothing scent makes you feel in another dreamy world.

You can purchase lavender products like oil, cream & pillows for a fresh floral & sweet scent at home.



“Tomita Farm” in the city of Furano is famous for its rolling hills of red, pink, yellow, orange, blue & purple preserved in perfect rows.

“Tomita Farm” – Japan

I hope you enjoyed our little lavender fields tour!

With love,

Maja ❤️

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