The Northern Lights

Hey loves,
Today’s post is all about magic ✨

Imagine yourself being surrounded by snow covered mountains somewhere in the north of the arctic circle… Everywhere you look is dark… The sky is black & filled with so many stars…
Suddenly in the northern sky a green smudge of light begins to materialize & manifests itself into a shimmering green light…
You are witnessing the spectacular Northern lights!

This natural show of lights is created by the interaction of electronically charged particles in our atmosphere. When the solar wind approaches the Earth, it meets the Earth’s magnetic field. In the ionosphere, the ions of the solar wind collide with atoms of oxygen & nitrogen from the Earth’s atmosphere. The energy released during these collisions causes a colorful glowing halo around the poles…

Northern lights are best seen in the places closer to the Arctic circle like Alaska, Norway, Sweden…
The Northern lights are almost always present day & night so there is no official “season” to see them… It is a process that happens constantly.
They may only show for approximately 15 or 20 minutes then glide away before returning. If you’re lucky enough, they could last for a few hours.

Looking at the mesmerizing Northern lights is such an exciting once in a lifetime experience!

Wishing you always magic & love ✨
Maja ❤️

6 thoughts on “The Northern Lights

  1. The Northern Lights are absolutely stunning, both visually and environmentally. The pictures you’ve taken are totally incredible. A trip to northern states or to Sweden and Norway are definitely on the cards, just to stand underneath such a spectacle, mouth open. The third photo from the top is my favorite – it covers the entire spectrum of colors. Thank you for this lovely blog!

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