Bulgarian pastries

Hey loves,

I have recently wrote a post about Sofia in Bulgaria https://majatraveling.wordpress.com/2020/09/04/september-in-sofia/  & I have promised you to write about delicious Bulgarian pastries.

So here we are!

Back again in Bulgaria to discover the yummiest pastries:

  • Banitsa is known as the most traditional breakfast in Bulgaria. It can be filled with feta cheese & you can find it sweet as well. It can also be filled with pumpkin or made with apples.
  • Milinka is a bread like pastry which has a spiral shape. It is made with a butter & Bulgarian cheese filling.
  • Kozunak is the traditional Easter cake. It can be plain or with various fillings like chocolate, raisins, walnuts…
  • Mekitsa is a fried pastry for those who love deep frying. It is garnished with sweet or salty additions such as jam, cheese, chocolate, … If you want to taste it like a Bulgarian try the sweet & savory combination of jam & cheese!
  • Gevrek is a sweet sesame ring which can be savory.

I hope your autumn is filled with sweet desserts & hot drinks. 🍂☕

Stay warm & safe.

With Love,

Maja ❤️

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