Sfogliatella of Naples

Hey loves,

It is been a  while we haven’t talked about any dessert specialty.

Today we’re going to Italy to discover the “Sfogliatella of Naples”.


When in Naples, trying the Sfogliatella Neapolitan is a delicious experience.

You can savour it anytime; for breakfast with coffee or cappuccino, after lunch or as a dessert after dinner.


Let’s go back in time to know how Sfogliatella was born!

By pure chance, 400 years ago, in the convent of Santarosa on the Amalfi coast, a nun, not to throw advanced semolina, created a filling by mixing it with dried fruit, sugar & liqueur. She inserted the filling into a leafy wrapper giving it the shape of a hood. This one of a kind freshly baked cake with its unique perfume & taste was given the name “Sfogliatella Santarosa”.

Later in time, the recipe ended up in the hands of Neapolitan Pintauro who slightly changed its ingredients & introduced it to the city.

There are two variants of the Sfogliatella:

  • The Riccia Sfogliatella which is crunchy & filled with bran, ricotta, candied fruit, milk, eggs & sugar
The Riccia Sfogliatella
The Riccia Sfogliatella


  • The Frolla Sfogliatella in which the ingredients are enclosed in a soft pastry dough
Frolla Sfogliatella
The Frolla Sfogliatella

I am going to share with you a simple recipe of The Sfogliatella for those who are adventurous to try it:

800 g of flour
300 g of butter
a pinch of salt
300 g of pastry cream
200 g of black cherry jam
2 egg yolks
powdered sugar


Start by making the puffy pastry, mix flour, butter & a pinch of salt.

After making the dough, roll it out using a rolling pin.

Use a pastry cutter to cut round pieces of 10 cm in diameter.

Then pour some of the cherry jam & some cream on half of the rounds.

Fold the rounds by bringing the ends together with a little egg batter to seal the ends.

Brush the surface of the dough with egg batter & place it in the oven for about 30 minutes.

Let the puffy pastry cool for a few minutes & then garnish it using a pastry bag for the icing.

Finish off by sprinkling powdered sugar over the Sfogliatella.


Enjoy the sweet treat “hot” of the Campania region with a delicious cup of cappuccino.



With Love,

Maja ❤

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