Hey loves,

It seems that the Coronavirus is going to stay with us for a while now, so we are trying to resume our life as normally as we can.

But how about traveling?

Countries are reopening their borders, airports are starting to open, travel is slowly starting up again.

Some people will chose to wait till maybe later this summer before traveling again but others have to do it soon for business.


How safe it is to travel during Coronavirus?

  • First of all face masks are a must if you want to go anywhere especially to an airport & inside the plane. Wear your mask all the time except for when eating or drinking.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Hand gel, disinfectant wipes & hand sanitizers bottles are the MUST HAVE items needed on board!
  • Clean your area carefully before sitting down whether in the airport or inside the plane.
  • Use a paper towel when you touch common surfaces when you use the restroom for example. Sanitize your hands when you return to your seat.
  • Several airlines are checking for fever before boarding the plane.
  • Vaccination certification may eventually be needed for future travel.
  • Try to book a seat away from other passengers. N.B: Window seats are safer than middle & aisle seats.
  • Distancing yourself from others is so important to avoid getting the Coronavirus.
  • Risk of transmission of COVID 19 aboard planes is reduced if you follow the World Health Organization’s instructions.
  • Once arrived to the country of your travel avoid big crowds in the outdoor. Staying at least 6 feet from people, practicing social distancing & avoiding group activities are a must for survival these days.
  • Apply those guidelines wherever you are (beach, countryside, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, etc…) & keep your mask, sanitizers & disinfectant wipes always with you for more safety.
  • When paying it is preferable to use your credit card for more safety & disinfect it afterward.
  • Don’t forget to disinfect your phone, tablet & all your electronic appliances as well.

Don’t travel or leave your home if you have COVID 19 symptoms.

With love,

Maja ❤

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