Traveling Through Movies

Hey loves,
Since we’ve been confined for a while now because of the Coronavirus let’s keep on traveling by watching movies that were shot in some of the most extraordinary places like Italy, India, Japan, Indonesia, Iceland & one of my ever favourite Greece.

I will share with you a personal list of movies that i love.

From Italy:

  • Letters to Juliet


  • Under the Tuscan Sun


  • When in Rome



  • Shadows in the Sun


From Greece:

  • My life in ruins



  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding (part 1 & 2)



  • Mamma Mia


From India

  • Hotel Mumbai


From Japan

  • Memoirs of a Geisha


From Iceland

  • Love on Iceland



From India, Italy & Indonesia

So let’s pick a country & fly! ✈️

Put on your seat belts! 🛩️

Prepare your popcorn 🍿

Enjoy the journey! 💮

Stay home! 🏡

Stay safe! 😷

Much love 💕

Maja ❤️

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