Magical Umbria

Ready to be wrapped into the most magical atmosphere?
Then follow me to Umbria in central Italy & immerse yourself in the beautiful Christmas festivities.

Umbria Christmas Markets

Wherever you go in Umbria you cannot miss the numerous charming crèches of the nativity scenes. Those beautiful works of arts are of all kinds from the Ice Crib to the one in the well of Orvieto.


Bundle yourself up against the cold weather with roasted chestnuts & mulled wine in hand to see the live nativity pageant in the streets of Umbria which was first organized by St Francis of Assisi who had the idea of representing the nativity of Jesus in a grotto that he saw in 1223.
Discover the green heart; its history, art, landscape, food….

Gubbio Tree

The largest tree in the world is the tree of Gubbio which enlightens Umbria as well as the Terni’s Star of Miranda the biggest existing one.

Terni_s Star of Miranda
Terni’s Star of Miranda

Wander around the Christmas markets & buy from a large variety of high quality craftsmanship, typical excellencies, food, wine, antiques, pastries….


The vibrant lights, all the decorations & the music that crosses the medieval alleys of Umbria will fill your mind & soul with the Christmas vibes.


Buon Natale,
Maja ❤️🌲

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