“When the pearls of nature were sown, on this soil an overflowing handful was gathered.”
“The most beautiful contact between the earth and sea took place at the Montenegrin littoral.”
Lord Byron


Budva is a 2,500 years old Montenegrin town and is one the oldest settlements on the Adriatic Sea.
Founded by the Greeks in the fourth century BC and then fortified during the Middle Ages it forms the heart of the “Budva Riviera”.

The Budva Riviera, known for its well-preserved medieval walled city, the most attractive sandy beaches of South Adriatic and the most pleasant climate, is the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism.



Driving 2 hours down the coast from Dubrovnik https://majatraveling.wordpress.com/2016/12/06/dubrovnik-the-pearl-of-the-adriatic/ will get you to the ancient town of Budva.
The Budva coast is 21km long and it is among the most beautiful coasts in the world.
There are 35 beaches in the Budva area (8 beaches are marked with blue flags) mostly rocky with little sand.





Mogren beach, which is situated beneath the cliffs of the Spas hill between cape Mogren and the Avala hotel, is the best known of all the Budva city beaches.








Stari Grad, Budva’s old town, lies on a small peninsula (that used to be a little island that was linked to the land by a sandbar) and is adjacent to the Marina. It is surrounded by battlements from the XV century including a medieval fortification system with city gates, defense walls and towers.


Stari Grad represents a treasure chest of culture heritage. Crossed with narrow streets, alleys and small squares are famous buildings and precious monuments of different Mediterranean cultures. Monasteries Stanjevici, Podostrog, Rezevici and Gradiste are among the historic monuments of Budva.



At the Southern part of the old town, Budva Citadel (reconstructed after an earthquake) appears in all its glory.
Stari Grad is a very beautiful small old town where you can visit many shops, cafés, restaurants and art galleries.




A lot of churches can be found in Budva:
The church of Holy Trinity Sv Trojica housing the tomb of the exquisite writer and politician Stjepan Mitrov Ljubisa.
The church of Saint John which has among its most preserved monuments the icon “Madonna in Punta”.
The church of Saint Sava which is supposed to be built during the 14th century.





The most important museum in the town of Budva is the Archaeology museum.

Budva has a lot of cultural events. Every year during the summer months of July and August, Budva turns into a City theatre with numerous local performances and shows from abroad. Founded in 1987, the festival of Budva Grad Teatar transforms the entire Old Town into an open air venue for a theatre, musical, literary and visual art events and performances.




When in Budva, Sveti Stefan which is located 6 miles east of Budva is a must see.

May your summer days be full of love and happiness!
With love,
Maja ❤


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