Let’s go for a small escapade to Ars-sur-Formans in the Auvergne – Rhône – Alpes region of eastern France.


The name comes from Arsa meaning “burnt”. The village was burned by the troops of Viry in 1409.


In 1790 Ars was made a commune of the Ain Department, belonging to the  Canton of Trévoux then attached to Reyrieux in 1985.

Ars is well-known for the “Curé d’Ars” Saint Jean-Marie Vianney.

On 6 October 1986, Saint Pope John Paul II travelled to the village of Ars-sur-Formans, during his third visit to France.




Ars has many historical monuments: the Park on the Chemin de Chateau, the town-hall / school at Rue Jean-Marie Vianney , the Chateau des Garets Park, etc…

There are many religious heritage that you should not skip while there:

-The Croix des Combes.

-The Presbytery of Saint Curé d’Ars which is a very important site because the Presbytery and the chapel containing the relic of the heart of Saint Curé are now a museum and open to visitors.

-The Parish Church of Saint – Sixte (11th century): The beautiful Basilica of Ars partly built in 1862 by the Lyon architect Pierre Bossan and his successor Sainte-Marie-Perrin, forms an extension to the old church. It houses the remains of Saint Jean – Marie Vianney, the parish-priest of Ars and the patron saint of all parish priests. This place of pilgrimage hosts more than 500,000 people each year.

-The Tomb of the heart of Saint Jean – Marie Vianney.








If you want to relax in a very charming & peaceful place you can just head to Ars – sur – Formans and discover this unusual city full of history.

With Love,

Maja  ❤

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