Serbian Pastries

A part of traveling consists on tasting & discovering new food, typical cuisine, sweets, pastries, drinks…..

After 1 year of blogging, I want to add different contents to my blog and share with you occasionally posts about food and why not some recipes from time to time from all around the world.

I have been recently in Serbia and because I love pastries so I decided in this post to make you all hungry for sweet yummy Serbian Pastries.


Lenja Pita or lazy pie is made with apples or sour cherry. After baking, the pie is cut into cubes and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Lenja pita (Lazy pie)


Štrudla is made from dough & filling (poppy, nuts or cherries…)

Štrudla (strudel)


Orasnice is a cookie rolled in chopped walnuts. The common form of this cookie is the new moon or a horse shoe.



Vanilice is a bite-size cookie made by two halves of baked dough filled with jam & sprinkled with powdered sugar.



Salčići (lardy cake) is a stretched dough filled with jam & fold into desired shape (triangle, square, sweet rolls). After baking, it is sprinkled with powdered sugar.



Which one would you like to taste with a cup of coffee?

They all look so delicious!!!

As for me, I wouldn’t mind having a piece of Salčići for breakfast and a Štrudla with an afternoon coffee.

Bon Appetit,

Maja ❤

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