Happy 1st year of my blog!

It is already been a year since l launched my travel blog! Yes!!! A full year!

All I can say is that every single post I made was written with pure passion for traveling.


I’m sharing 6 tips I learned during my first year of blogging:

1-Always love what you’re doing whether it is writing, studying or working on a certain project.

You have to love it in order to succeed in it.

“I believe that the blueprint to your destiny is written in your heart. Your entire life you are guided by the things you love. Everything that your heart leaps to and gets excited about, is leading you in the right direction.”

2-Write from the heart. Whenever i write, it feels effortless to me because i write about what i feel and it comes directly from the heart.

3-Be authentic. Don’t try to imitate other people. One always succeeds when showing his true colors! So be yourself, people will love it!

4-Get inspired by checking other blogs and articles.

5-Be creative.

6-Don’t feel obliged to write if you don’t have time for it! It shouldn’t feel like a chore! Write at your ease!

7-Read a lot!


So i am very pleased with what i have achieved so far.

One should always starts somewhere 🙂

 I am ending my post with a quote that i really love

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Thank you all for reading and following me!

Much love,

Maja ❤


10 thoughts on “Happy 1st year of my blog!

  1. I just started blogging about travel and posts like these inspire me. Congrats on completing one full year. The dedication that has gone behind this is commendable. Wishing more travel comes your way, and in turn, more posts!

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