Vyshyvanka … a timeless beauty


Batroun – Lebanon

On 31 of October it was my birthday so I decided to celebrate it in Ukrainian style wearing my Vyshyvanka from EtnoDim combing the beauty of Ukraine with breathtaking Lebanon.

First of all, let me start by telling you more about what has become lately the trendiest fashion item all over the social media.


What is a Vyshyvanka?

A Vyshyvanka is a traditional hand-embroidered linen shirt made in the best Ukrainian traditions. It has patriotic and sacral nature and carries a high cultural value.

Offering hand-embroidered clothes in Ukraine represent a sign of love and respect and could be considered as a lucky charm amulet. Ukrainian grandmothers believed that the patterns of the embroidered shirt affect people’s lives so if they want to guard someone against disease and evil eye they made the embroidery on the edges of the clothing – sleeves, hem, collar and chest.

Batroun – Lebanon

The original Vyshyvanka is white with black and red embroidery but its patterns vary from one region of Ukraine to another. We find geometric patterns in northern Ukraine while in the southern regions patterns usually have fruits and berries.

Flowers in patters represent the birth and life infinity, the grapes symbolize the joy of family creation, the snowball tree inflorescence is connected to the Universe birth and race eternity and the rhombuses imply power, fertility and generosity of the Earth.

Batroun – Lebanon

The best place to get top quality hand-embroidered clothes with such a refinement is without any doubt EtnoDim.

It offers a wide range of national Ukrainian products for women, men and kids varying from embroidered shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, skirts, outerwear, accessories, shoes and even interesting things for home.

You can check their website in here http://etnodim.com.ua/en/  and see the whole collection.

Batroun – Lebanon

I must admit that each item is unique and you’ll definitely have a hard time deciding on what to choose but EtnoDim’s staff is there to help you find your unique own perfect style.

As for the Vyshyvanka I was wearing in the pictures; it is an embroidered red and black linen shirt decorated like a luxurious rich necklace made from lightweight yet durable material providing comfort on a hot day.

Byblos (the oldest city in the world) – Lebanon

You can wear it in different styles for different occasions; with jeans for a casual look, under a cardigan or a vest for a more business attire. Well you’ll have tons of fun!

The gorgeous view in Batroun – Lebanon

Nowadays the Vyshyvanka isn’t just a trend that will fade after some time.

It is timeless beauty to have in very wardrobe.

It is the story of a nation!

With Ukrainian love,

Maja ❤

8 thoughts on “Vyshyvanka … a timeless beauty

  1. Hi Maja,

    Happy belated birthday! The sea looks amazing. So blue!

    I have nominated you for Sunshine Blogger Award, if you wish to accept it please refer to this post for the rules: https://lostinprettyeurope.wordpress.com/2016/11/08/sunshine-blogger-award/

    I am glad I discovered your blog recently and look forward to reading more from you! You have a great layout, enjoyable content and write well. Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

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