Sveti Stefan Island


Along the Montenegro Coast a prestigious island capture your attention.

For a second, you’ll feel like you were taken away into the most exquisite fairytale.

Sveti Stefan is an unusual island not only in Montenegro but in the whole Mediterranean.


Its story started in 1960, at that time the island was a normal fishing village. The Pastrovics just won over the Turks and took their conquered galleys to Drobni Pijesak to unload the war trophies there.

While dividing them, they decided to build on the rocky island near the coast a fortress to serve defense against the enemies; they use it as an asylum for women and children during war’s time and as a shelter for food and groceries. They built also houses for each of Pastrovic’s 12 tribes and a church dedicated to St Stefan the protector of Pastrovics.

In the first half of XIX century, Sveti Stefan had 100 houses, 3 churches and 400 inhabitants. There was no space on the island for more as it was limited by the sea and the walls.

But there was a decline at the beginning of XX century and Sveti Stefan lost its economic power and people left it to go to war. In 1912 there was 150 inhabitants and in 1954 only 20.


In 1957, Sveti Stefan became the most luxurious and exclusive resort at the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.

In the 1970’s, Sveti Stefan was the favorite spot for celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Willy Brandt, Bobby Fischer, Sophia Loren, Jonathan Miller and Claudia Schiffer.

During the breakup of the former Yugoslav federation in 1990 Sveti Stefan fell into decline. Amanresorts won a contract to lease Sveti Stefan along with Milocer and Kraljicina beach resorts for a 30 year period since 2007.


Nowadays, it is a luxury resort where celebrities spend their vacations and sometimes like Novak Djokovic, the Serbian professional tennis player, and Jelena Ristic, they celebrate their wedding in this gorgeous romantic island.


Let’s keep dreaming  ❤

With Love ❤

Maja ❤



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