Valentine’s day in Venice

It is not a pure coincidence that we’re talking today about Venice.

Venice is the city of lovers “par excellence”, but a few of you may know that Saint Valentine’s remains are kept in Venice specifically in St Samuel’s church where you can see as you approach the first altar on the left an urn with “CORPUS SANCTI VALENTIN” written on it.

The ancient Greek, Italics and Romans celebrations which were held on 15th February were dedicated to the purification of fields and fecundity rituals. Later on, they were banned and the church attributed to the Saint martyr Valentine the ability to protect couples and those in love wishing to get married and have children together. It was celebrated on 14 of February. Apparently, the Saint was passionate for roses that he used to donate to couples.

Now, let’s talk a bit about Venice. Venice is a Jewel city in northeast Italy situated on a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges.

It is located in the marshy Venetian Lagoon.


Venice has been known as the “La Dominante”, “Serenissuma”, “Queen of the Adriatic”, “City of Water”, “City of Masks”, “City of Bridges”, “The Floating City” and “City of Canals”. It is very well known for its annual Carnival where people wear costumes and masks. Venetian masks can be made of leather, porcelain or using the original glass technique. Today, approximatively 3 million visitors come to Venice every year for the Carnival.

Aside of being in the vibrant city of Love, surrounded by its charming beauty, there are a lot of options to make your night perfect; you can attend a classical music concert with your loved one, then have a romantic dinner in one of the fanciest restaurant followed by a romantic Gondola ride to the Grand Canal and end your night walking hand in hand in San Marco Square enjoying the music and magic of Venice.

If I can give men an “extra” tip, it would be to offer a special Murano jewel (preferably a red one) to your other half 😉

Believe me it’s worth it and it would be “the cream of the crop”.

St Mark’s square by night



How does it feel to stay in a Palacio in the city of Love?

Excellent hotels and palaces are numerous in Venice.

During my visit to Venice, I had the chance to stay in a very elegant and royal hotel, my all-time favorite “Hotel Ala”. The hotel’s location is perfect; situated in the heart of Venice in St Mark’s area. This palacio is a few steps from Piazza San Marco, La Fenice theater, the shopping area, the finest restaurants, the gondolas and the grand canal.

Hotel Ala, run by the Salmaso family is recognized as one of the “Historical places of Italy” by the Cultural Association under the patronage of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

Want to admire Venice from above with views of the campanile of San Marco, the Basilica della Salute on a relaxing afternoon while staying in your hotel? Easy! All you have to do is to go up to “Altana” the newly renovated roof terrace of the hotel.

I found the hotel’s rooms majestic; they can be found either in contemporary style or in a more traditional venetian mode. It all depends on your taste.

Don’t forget to check for more details about this hotel.


Hotel ALA
Hotel ALA
Hotel ALA 4
In Hotel ALA before attending the musical concert
Hotel ALA 2
Inside Hotel ALA
Hotel ALA 1
In front of HOTEL ALA

Things to do in Venice

After arriving to Venice and checking in your hotel there is really no time to waste!

Let’s start to discover the place walking around taken by the beauty of the Venetian streets and squares.






Let yourself be led to San Marco Square where all the magic lives. There you should visit the Basilica which is the Cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdioceses of Venice and it was originally the Chapel of the Doge. Then go up to Bell Tower and the Doge’s palace.

Why not taking a Vaporetto tour to admire the majestic palaces that overlook the Grand Canal.


Attending a Concert in Venice is a must as the city offers great musical events. And here I want to suggest “Interpreti Veneziani” a group of master musicians that I had the chance to attend their concert at the San Vidal Church in Venice where Vivaldi used to play. This group have for the last 23 years performed over 200 seasonal concerts. Specialised in mostly baroque music, the talentend musicians play on original instruments with a high level of performance.

On a Personal Note: Interpreti Veneziani’s concert is not to be missed while in Venice and you can find in here their season’s concerts

Interpreti Veneziani


Interpreti Veneziani

Going to a Murano factory can be very interesting because you’ll see live how Murano is made.

A horse made with Murano

And, of course, who can even think of skipping the romantic Gondola tour among the Lagoon canals?



On a Gondola ride in Venice


Gondola Ride in Venice
maya - Copy
Gondola Ride in Venice

Museums are a good way to learn about the history of Venice.

Discover Burano area with its colored houses and handmade laces.

Try on a Venetian Mask and feel the Venetian vibes.

Venetian Masks


Trying on a Venetian Mask in Venice

Want to know more? Well…. Don’t think any further…. Book a flight and live your dream.

With Venetian Love,

Maja ❤


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s day in Venice

  1. Maja, these are absolutely stunning photos. What a beautiful post for Valentines Day weekend. Venice is one of my favorite cities in Europe. My parents are originally from a mountain village only an hour from Venice so I’ve visited a number of times. My fondest memories are getting lost in the back streets, eating and drinking local wine outside while watching the canal traffic, exploring and speaking with the locals. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories.

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